We organize tours for small single groups of both pilgrims and tourists, since there is an increasing number of people who prefer to visit the Holy Land on their own.

Pro Terra Sancta Network doesn’t offer standard travel packages, instead we strive to tailor travel packages which fulfill your individual wishes. We are able to organise unique experiences where you can encounter everyday life and be in contact with the local people (experiences which are difficult to do via internet or over the phone). Here some examples of what our dedicated team can organise for you.

  • Access to shelters, hospitality centers, hostels or halls of residence, run by the various religious orders.
  • Local guesthouses experiences linked to the Holy Places and social works. In this way you could help the local economical sustenance. We recommend two in particular: the Sabastiya Mosaic Guesthouse (Sabastiya) and the Baby Jesus Guesthouse (Bethlehem).
  • Sharing meals and shelter with local families.
  • Admission to particular prayer meetings in the Holy Places.