About us

Pro Terra Sancta Network

promotes sustainable tourism

in Israel and Palestine


To promote social tourism in support of families, young people, the elderlies and people with disabilities in the Holy Land.


The tours of the Pro Terra Sancta Network promote social and economic objectives as well as both the preservation and promotion of the region. This reflects the Pro Terra Sancta Network’s commitment to human development and to the strengthening of Christian identity from a cultural and religious point of view.

We recommend a different style of travelling and pilgrimage, to favor in-depth experience of the Holy Places and provide time to pause, to pray and to gain first-hand knowledge of the local communities.

We create opportunities for economic development for the peoples of the Middle East who have lived complex situations for years.

We help to preserve the cultural, historical, artistic and archaeological heritage, with the involvement of the local communities, in such a way that these can become instruments of peace and cooperation among the different cultures.

We foster network links with all of the associations, foundations and private institutions that have connections with the Custody of the Holy Land and the Mother Church of Jerusalem.

We cooperate with tour operators to make them more aware of the socio-educational and preservation works ongoing at the Holy Places. We offer them the possibility to enrich their programs with special visits benefiting from local knowledge and insights.

Our purpose is to sensitize stakeholders making them cooperate by means of concrete actions – volunteering, supporting the projects of Association pro Terra Sancta with donations, publicizing proposals and requirements, preserving the cultural heritage and supporting the local communities – thus fostering an increasingly broad and incisive solidarity network.

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