Middle East


The Middle East Experience is a very unique package that will broaden your understanding of the Middle East. This tour is aimed at university students, researchers, trainers, volunteers, experts from government agencies and international organizations, journalists and experts in international affairs.

With this tour we want to shed light on the cultural, political and social contrasts which characterize this region. Our tour will highlight relevant points of contact between the parts. And also show practices of unity and sharing which already exist. Through meetings with local officials, journalists religious leaders and other social workers, you will have the opportunity to gain a new perspective on important places from both an historical and a religious point of view, you will deepen your understanding about the three principal monotheistic religions and learn more about main places affected by the ongoing conflict.

Read the two proposals:

1. Israel and Palestine: between land and community

Middle East training program for university students.

This program has a duration of three weeks and includes a number of field-trips to learn about the region and its unique places, lectures to provide an introduction to the Israeli-Palestinian reality and opportunities to see different communities and social work projects.

Next departure: 23 August – 9 September 2018

Number of students: 7 (minimum) to 30 (maximum). All students are required to have a good working knowledge of English. This program is organized with the support of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan.

download program here!

2. Middle East Experience.

An experiential program with visits in Israel and Palestine.

In this 5-day experience you will have the chance to meet locals and dialogue with them. You will visit Hebron, the Golan HeightsJenin, Nablus, refugee camps in the Palestinian TerritoriesKibbutzes in Galilee and Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

The visits will be guided by local and international collaborators from a number of countries, who are employing their individual skills on various projects to preserve the Holy Places and to provide support to local communities.

Next departure: February 2016

Final date for registration: 1 January 2016. The program will start only if there are at least 5 participants. For registration and for any further information write to: